Desharnais portrait
Robert A. Desharnais, Ph.D.
Ecologist and Educator

Teaching Summary

I have over 30 years of experience teaching at the university level. Although I have taught a variety of courses, the majority of my teaching assignments have been in quantitative courses for biology majors, such as biostatistics, advanced biostatistics, and biological modeling. I have made use of several types of technological tools such as course management software (Blackboard, WebCT, Moodle, Canvas), commercial and open source software (Excel, SPSS, RStudio, Mathematica), and online simulations (Biology Labs OnLine, Drosophila), many of the latter which I developed. (See section on Courseware). My student evaluations are above the departmental mean and I have positive online reviews. I have also mentored many undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs, with most of them supported on research grants.

Courses Taught

Lower Division Upper Division Graduate Level
Human Physiology
Human Anatomy (labs)
General Biology (majors)
GE Biology (labs)
Advanced Biostatistics
Biological Modeling
General Ecology
General Genetics
Internet Resources
Population Genetics
Biology Seminar
Seminar in Ecology
Topics in Animal Ecology


Undergraduates Graduate Students Postdoctoral Fellows
Neha Bhatt
Dzu Bui
Jonnie Burton
Ling Cao
Emily Chen
Juan Coleman
Serj Danielian,
Julie Dunnahoe
Arash Houshmast
Karen Joseph
Anny Ku
Irene Lui
Judy Luu
Tai Luu
Cynthia Montes
Enrique Nuñez
Karina Preciado
Gabriel Rodas
Claire Schulkey
Rebecca Tatum
Amanda Tejada
Yervand Torosyan
Diana Villa
Timothy Weisbrod
Julie Yang
Timothy Yeh
Patricia Arriola
Andre Baghoomian
Ling Cao
Warren Cheung
Serj Danielian
Alberto Izarraraz
Jian Liu
Roy Morita
Lucinda Robledo
Robin Sherwood-Stephens
Luis Soto-Ortiz
Robert Tan
Yervand Torosyan
Thomas Wong
Melo-Jean Yap
Dr. Edgar Diaz
Dr. Megan Donahue
Dr. Douglas Donalson
Dr. Melvin Limson