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January 2005

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Earthquake: ENC Resources of the Day, Jan/5/2005
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Virtual Courseware for Earth and Environmental Sciences
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VCEES: Earthquake, 05/29/2007

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Comments from Instructors

Earthquake and Virtual Earthquake

“With Virtual Earthquake the teachers can do a lab which the students learn from while the teachers don't have hours of grading.” Christine Girtain, Toms River, High School South, Toms River, NJ

“Not only did they learn a great deal about Earthquake science, but they had a wonderful time doing it. The program has such amazingly helpful features that I absolutely loved for my slower learners (like having the graph lock into place as you near the correct point - that's great!). My faster learners would finish early and then move into the role of teacher for their fellow fabulous!” Rachel Miller, 8th Grade Science, Grand Prairie, TX

“[T]he new additions, including the new activities and student assessment reports are fantastic!” Phil Horton, Science Dept Chair, Rio Hondo Prep School, Arcadia, CA

“It gives the students good experience working on the computer, reading graphs and inputting data.” Karen Blount, Highland High School, Bakersfield, CA

“The best part is that it forces them to make careful measurements!” Bill Grosser, Glenbard High School, OH

“Thank you so much for the great learning experience... they learned more about earthquakes then we could have taught them in a week.” Jill Tucker, Taylor Road Middle School, Alpharetta, GA

“Wow, I feel so empowered and so do my students....Thanks for all your help.” Diane Langmuir, Dwight-Englewood School, Englewood, NJ

FlyLab from Biology Labs Online
(formerly Virtual FlyLab)

“FlyLab would be a very quick, neat and clean way to show basic Mendelian genetics, starting with simple monohybrid crosses and working our way into more complicated crosses a step at a time.” Susan Harrison, Franklin High School, Stockton, CA

“It wasn’t messy, smelly, costly and we didn’t have flies populating the entire wing of our building. This is a MUST HAVE for any classroom that wants to integrate technology in the classroom.” Tonya Little, Teacher

“The students are able to conduct crosses in a matter of minutes and get almost immediate results. One of the hooks of your program is that the students get to use the internet in an interactive manner, and secondly, they use your lab in conjunction with actual experiments with drosophila in the lab to generate hypothesis and compare their results with.” Robert Kluberdanz, High School Teacher

“I've broken the class into research groups to investigate selected inheritance patterns using virtual fly. We are doing our own breeding experiments with real flies (which I haven't had great luck with in the past). Your program interfaces very nicely with our 'real-life' work!” Dave Williams, Ballston Spa High, NY

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