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Abbreviations for FlyLab JS Mutations

Drosophila geneticists have a convention for labeling mutations. If the mutation is recessive, the abbreviation begins with a lowercase letter. If the mutation is dominant, the first letter of the abbreviation is capitalized. For example, the dominant mutant gene for sternopleural bristles is abbreviated as Sp and the recessive mutant gene for mahogany eyes is abbreviated as mah. The normal “wild type” version of the gene is denoted using the same abbreviation as the mutant version, but with a “+” superscript, for example, Sp+ and mah+. Sometimes, when the meaning is obvious, a “+” by itself is used as a shorthand for the wild-type gene, for example, the heterozygote genotypes +/Sp and +/mah. Different variations of the mutant gene (different alleles) are sometimes distinguished by appending superscript abbreviations to the main abbreviation.

FlyLab JS does not follow this protocol. Since the idea behind FlyLab JS is for users to discover the genetic characteristics of the mutations by experimentation, no clues as to dominance or recessiveness are provided using standard abbreviations. Instead, all the letters of the abbreviation are capitalized. In most cases, the letters used are the same as in the standard notation; however, in a few cases it was necessary to modify the choice of letters because capitalization resulted in two different mutations (a dominant and a recessive) with the same abbreviation. FlyLab JS always uses a “+” to denote wild type. A table of the genetic abbreviations used in FlyLab JS appears below.

Abbreviation Mutant Phenotype Description
AP Apterous Wings wings are absent
AR Aristapedia Antennae leg-like antennae
B Bar Eyes elongated oval eye shape
BL Black Body black body color
BW Brown Eyes brown eye color
C Curved Wings narrow curved wings
CV Crossveinless Wings cross veins missing from wings
CY Curly Wings wings curled upward
D Dichaete Wings wings angled out from body
DP Dumpy Wings short wide wings
E Ebony Body dark body color
EY Eyeless Eyes eyes are missing
F Forked Bristles short bristles split at ends
L Lobe Eyes long eyestalks, small eyes
M Miniature Wings wings are reduced in size
PR Purple Eyes purple eye color
RI Radius Incompletus Wings veins do not extend to end of wings
S Sable Body dark body color
SB Stubble Bristles short thick bristles
SD Scalloped Wings scalloped wing margins
SE Sepia Eyes dark brown eye color
SN Singed Bristles short gnarled bristles
SS Spineless Bristles short stunted bristles
ST Star Eyes rough irregular eye shape
SV Shaven Bristles bristles are absent
T Tan Body light tan body color
VG Vestigial Wings wings appear crumpled
W White Eyes white unpigmented eyes
Y Yellow Body yellow body color

These mutant phenotypes can be previewed by selecting them in the Design View of FlyLab JS.